Jade sales in China grew 10% while the market flourish, but lack of brand

“Guangdong is even 80% of the processing and distribution center jade, Chinese jade from the Olympic Games, into the flourishing market of the Asian Games is the rapid growth of this industry, the new engine. The jade carving design is one of the Asian Games licensed merchandise, This in turn will promote the further development of Guangdong jade. “Recently, the Asian Games, the chief architect of emerald jade, Chui Fook Jewellery Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Yeh Fu-Huan Times reporter in an interview to receive information that the bright prospects of China’s jade market. Speaking from one piece jade jade markets work the problems, he forged a profound and complex of the jade carving jade master has been stressed in the context of the lack of raw materials, the development of more and more jade market hinges on the culture and into the jade and build brand awareness.

Jade sales in China grew 10%

On a bright jade market data. According to the China Jewelry Trade Association, China’s jade industry in 2009 the annual consumption of more than 20 billion yuan, is the world’s largest jade consumption and processing countries. Gold and silver jewelry-China Federation of Industry Association, a survey statistics: the current global market size of jade jewelry has reached 600 billion U.S. dollars, in 2010, China’s jewelry sales to more than 200 billion yuan, of which about 40 billion Jade yuan.

Been concerned about the jade market, Fu-Huan Ip told reporters, Yu culture is one of the representatives of Chinese culture, the 2008 Olympic Games, Olympic medals Phyllostachys jade set on the market to promote the great jade, jade market and therefore usher in another surge of development. “China’s jade industry, there are at least 20 to 30 years of rapid development, currently there are about 30% of the jade Meinian the appreciation of space, has average annual sales growth rate of 10%, we can predict that the next 15 years the domestic industry hitting Jade 50-fold growth. ”

    Meanwhile, Ye Fu Huan also noted that while Beijing, Shanghai and Northeast China’s consumption of the largest jade, but Guangdong is even 80% of the distribution center for jade processing; and there are four jade market in Guangdong, where Guangzhou Hua Linyu device Street is Jade most concentrated, the biggest sales day, up to 100 million yuan in sales.

Jade Market into a weakness the lack of brand

However, with the jade market is in a good situation a lack of coordination, the current operation is still in the dispersion of jade state of disorder. Among them, the lack of brand is a major feature. Ye Fu Huan even the people who love Yu-respect, “the Jade Market to sell no brand.”

Expanding capacity in the market, the market under the brand needed jade, jade industry in the end there is the problem? Ye Fu Huan bluntly pointed out that the cost of a huge upstream Jade Market and non-standard is an important reason for lack of cause branding. “First of all, Jade is a capital intensive industry group, the upstream industry of funds that the input of raw materials is very large, and ‘bet rock’ risky business in general are reluctant to invest.”

Second, precisely because of the Jade Market upstream price is not normative, jade industry to develop standards related to the price of hard. Ye Fu Huan said, with gold, silver and other precious metals than the decision to jade, emerald price factors are complex, “Although already introduced some text standards, but the absence of physical standards, can be said that jade pricing is comprised largely of corporate self- the decision. “precisely because Jade does not have a clear evaluation criteria, so pricing will lose a strict frame of reference number, the consumer price of emerald jade heart off the mark,” even many enthusiasts because of the price, the authenticity of such problems and give up the choice jade, which directly affect the Jade brand building. ”

Cultural marketing will be the focus of development

In fact, more and more businesses or business opportunities in Chinese and jade market, competition Jade eat “cake” to many people. It is understood that Ye Fu Huan continued to create works of jade, but also in 2008 registered its own brand Fook Chui Wang jade.

As a designer of the 2010 Asian Games jade leaf Fu Huan clearly recognized that the Asian Games is to promote Chinese jade culture to the world a good opportunity for the Jade Market and this will be a new engine.

Jade is a rich culture with the industry, well versed in the leaves of jade culture Fu Huan was very identity, he said: “The biggest problem facing the jade market is consumer awareness of jade and jade carving is not high. Therefore, Wang Fu Tsui Pricing is not the end blindly, but to use their advantage in the upstream industry to a more affordable price to let more people know and contact jade culture. ”

Jade future development trend of the market, he pointed out, one jade industry raw material resources will be increasingly scarce raw materials will continue to grow 30% yearly growth; second, jade is a cultural industry, cultural marketing, business development will be the future focus; Third jade industry will be more and more large brands big business and brand focused on the upcoming competition in the Warring States Period.

Who carved jade, jade people

Ye Fu Huan in the jade carving studio, stocked with various sizes of the original jade, semi-finished and finished products, three or four apprentices in their busy. From the rough carving, fine carved into polished clean, Fu Huan Ye have great interest to us an a jade carving work is how baked. Let’s impressive, in addition to the latest Asian Games Huan Ye Fu Theme, there are jade and jade works of designers between the kind of “people of jade carving, jade” and the delicate complex.

There are no two exactly the same the world jade, of course, no two exactly the same jade works. Ye Fu Huan said that jade is the biggest feature designed to keep refined crude, which requires designers can build facilities for Italy, the amount derived materials, each piece of jade found that the most essential and most charm of Department, then under the jade color, texture , transparency, shape the design model, and then use various techniques to fine art; And because stone color, stone splitting changing, crack, lost color, dirt and need to re-hook-like design, clever color, charge crack … … In this way, “people carved jade” Nature is like to understand. Is 10 million times jade life experiences, form the North-South integration Ye Fu Huan send the unique style of jade carving.

As a design art, jade carving design is also particular about inspiration. Ye Fu Huan told reporters, art itself is a process of life experience, his many works of inspiration comes from life experience. And a series of poetic works Yunshan, the record is in the eyes of Guangzhou Ye Fu Huan landscape. “Here’s Violet Jade can be carved the sun, this side of the jade carved small bridges can be … …” Whenever I pick up a piece of jade material, Ye Fu Huan reporters he would be an inspiration always. Lines of a stone can, color bars, cracks to clever design, and jade carving out a viable work, clear vision and skill that is not achievable overnight. Jade carving of course, is the process of jade as jade, jade who is also a process of self-realization; when he was carving his own thoughts when jade carvings are more than just a work of art – this is the “Jade” and the.

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